The Buddha speaks with young people - Sutta lovers seminar series in October

Bhante @sujato will be sharing with us the conversations between the Buddha and the young people.

Dates : October 10th, 17th,24th & 31 (4 x Sundays)
Time : 3.30PM to 5.30 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

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Looking forward to seeing you there.


So sorry if you couldn’t join, the session just ended, so far the link seems to have worked for the others and Zoom details will remain the same for the next three sessions.

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@Deepika Can you please expedite the uploading to Youtube? I had joined today but had to leave for my exam, so I would like to catch up before the next session coming Sunday.

@sujato What are the topics you will be touching on? Will this be restricted to Suttas only? That is only what the Buddha said to young people? Can you also discuss any suttas that are relevant to young buddhists as we are most affected by the various temptations and how to keep the drive and motivation to follow the noble path going on? Since we are starting out on life, its hard to not get attached to career, wealth, health, relationship,etc. If we get attached to these, we cannot get deep into meditation. Then we look for satisfaction in the world. A bit of a Catch 22 going on as far as young people are concerned.

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The first part is now online:


After attending this series, I did come to know a lot of useful things, but the title made me expect a discussion on the words of the Buddha relevant to young people, rather the discussion seems to be how to reach younger people. Hopefully next series, Bhante @sujato will discuss on topics relevant to young practicing Buddhists starting out. Hence a bit disappointed since the actual material relevant to young people was less in the discussion.

So, please change the title to “Learning how to teach dharma to young people from the way the Buddha taught the dharma to young people” to reach the target audience better.

thank you Danny for the link :rose:

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@satishv, thanks for the feedback and it is great to know that you found the teachings useful. This series is in motion, obviously, the title will not be changed halfway through a course.
I find the suggested title is too long even to consider for a future course. Sorry to disappoint you. I hope you will come to the next class and even consider submitting an essay on the suggested topic. Cheers.


And part 2: