The Changeless Aspects

Do you feel that to stop suffering we must also have some understanding or insight in what is and is not possible to change about ourselves and others?

Do you uberhaupt acknowledge there is something like this?

I think this is not really a theme in the in EBT but still in practice it is.

For example, i read something about personallity. From a psychological view. They seem to accept that personallity is not fixed. But it is also not something that is not bound to boundaries.
Temperament is seen as what limits changes. For example, an introvert temperament will work as a limiting factor in change. One will never become a very extravert person. There is also temperament that is sensitive for being a nervous person, insecure, anxious like. Another is a temperament that is sensitive to become psychotic, to break under pressure as it were. It is more or less describes as a ground for personallity and also as something that works as limiting factor in changes.

I personally tend to believe this might be true. I think there are certain boundaries to change.

It is not that i want to discuss these views on personallity. I am totally not an expert and i have only made a gross drawing of what i read, but i think this theme of the changeless is important also to approach practice in a realistic way.

How do you see this?

wish you all well