The chart of different jhana teachers?

I remember hearing someone made a chart summarizing from easy to hard and differences between all the jhanw teachers and where they get their definitions from and how “deep” they are in terms of no access to 5 senses, movement of mind etc.

i am thinking that these different teachers are basing definitions on access to limited translations during their time. ex Ayyya Khema not having these EBT!:slight_smile:

I’m curious if anyone has a chart summary.

From my awareness there are the following teachers:
Ajahn Brahm, Ayya Khema, Leigh B, Bhante V and his TWIm discplies (David and Delson), Rob Burbea, Culadasa, Shaila Katherine, Tine R. and Stephen Snyder. am i missing anyone?

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I saw one in the Mind illuminated Book, near the end. It has deep, lite and very lite Jhāna. More on characteristics than teachers. Also it compares it to its own system, which is based in zen.

There is this page on Leigh Brasington’s site. Is that what you are thinking of?