"The egg" by Andy Weir


When I watched this video I had a feeling this is a very raw approximation to what may come with the supramundane knowledge of previous lives… but of course, the video is based on a very different framework for things (i.e. not comparable to Buddhism at all!)

Hope you guys enjoy it.



I think this is a mix of many relgions, there are few facts which are against buddhist beliefs. Since it says there is a supernatural eternity. One day you can go to that eternal state, I would rather say finding a way to god.
Generally this is a good video though!


Agree! Plus, it is very solipsistic in its proposal.
Nevertheless, when I watched it and went through the video’s argument I got a nice epiphany when I allowed myself to consider the premise to be true, even if partially.
It was nice and made me link it straight away to how impactful must be attaining three supramundane knowledges (tevijja) as found in EBTs… :slight_smile:

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As long as you mentioned tevijja sutta you might be having a better understanding about nibbana, which is not a place or a state.

I know nothing about Nibbana yet…

The being in the story does seem to be positing a sort of attavada, though not one which is traceable to ancient India.

The main character’s “self” is said to be the same as all human beings who ever lived, but not the same as the entire universe, so its not upanishadic monism.

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That was a very interesting video.

In some ways I have discussed something similar with friends that I thought about mentioning here a few times, so here is a good opportunity (warning this may be a long story).

It started after my youngest daughter (probably 4 or 5 at the time) asked where she was when we were talking about time before she was born.
At first I would answer that she wasn’t here, may be not saying that she didn’t exist (that sounds really harsh but in French it has a milder tone) but that was clearly on the back of my mind.

Anyhow, time went by, and I continued along my path, and at some point she asked the question again.

But then my answer had changed. Dramatically.

The answer she got was that she was here, already, but in a different form.

When she further inquired on what or where she was, I explained that what made her in her mother belly, and what makes her now, are natural elements that fed her life and allowed her to grow, so may be she was in manu palnts, minerals, other abimals, air or water all at the same time.

Then I continued stating that, in all honnestly, the one and only one thing her mother and I gave her, is the “spark” or “magic” that we all have in common: life, which we also had gotten from our parent that received it from their parent etc etc.

Now this is what I would kind of recognise from the video when it says that " you are everyone, past present and future" (I may be re- or mis-interpreting here)

Now, back to my friends: we were discussing similar matters and I discussed the story from Lucie’s question.

And at the end my friend asked me: if you are not your body, don’t you feel dis-embodied?

To which I answered that when you are not associating with your body or anything else in particular, you just feel life.

And you see other life around you, which is simply beautiful in all shape and form, and still (always until enlightenment?) so mysterious!


Very good video. It reminds me of the Net of Brahmā, “the self and the world are one and the same” (paraphrase), particularly when we read “world/loka” as “the unenlightened being(s),” which this video IMO favours interpretively. A very good video.