The end of suffering?


Fantastic!, and the key substance is called Anandamide - How cool is that. and then…
The upshot is that anandamide, a natural cannabinoid, builds up in the system. Cameron has twice as much anandamide as those in the general population



Though it’s also the case that pain has an evolutionary self-protective function, and not feeling pain could be quite dangerous. I saw a TV interview with this lady, she recounted how she broke her arm as a child but didn’t realise it for a couple of days. Actually I think there is quite a lot natural variation in peoples’ pain threshold anyway, so this lady would be at one end of a spectrum.


I’m wondering if this sort of genetic configuration might be a sign of someone who has entered the stream in a previous life?

But it is not only an inability to sense pain that makes Cameron stand out: she also never panics. When a van driver ran her off the road two years ago, she climbed out of her car, which was on its roof in a ditch, and went to comfort the shaking young driver who cut across her. She only noticed her bruises later. She is relentlessly upbeat, and in stress and depression tests she scored zero.


I fear that the condition may be deemed illegal in some dispensations.

The upshot is that anandamide, a natural cannabinoid, builds up in the system.

Nevertheless, pl tell me where I can get some. :joy::rofl:


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They are hoping to develop new pain-relief drugs based on DNA analysis.


If we can use a cushion to reduce pain, and the Buddha could ask Ananda to fold his robe into a seat to reduce his back ache then there’s no problem with it, as long as one is mindful as mindlessness will lead to fractures and more! :face_with_head_bandage:


A comfy chair is best.:yum:

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