The experience of "Anatta"

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I think SN12.51 describes it well:

"If an ignorant individual makes a good choice, their consciousness enters a good realm. If they make a bad choice, their consciousness enters a bad realm. If they make an imperturbable choice, their consciousness enters an imperturbable realm. When a mendicant has given up ignorance and given rise to knowledge, they don’t make a good choice, a bad choice, or an imperturbable choice. Not choosing or intending, they don’t grasp at anything in the world. Not grasping, they’re not anxious. Not being anxious, they personally become extinguished.’

This is in line with MN117. Good choices do not mean that they are undefiled, not based upon ignorance. Good choices are the mundane noble path of MN117. The Noble Path is not about choosing and intending because it is based upon dispassion. Good choices are based upon passion.

For example, someone making the choice for higher rebirth does not really have right noble view nor right noble intention. His intent is of the nature of passion. His view is egocentric.
Ofcourse a dislike for suffering is also not grounded in dispassion and not based upon noble right view.

I feel, in many sutta’s the Noble Path is showed, for example in those describing that while one sees and understands that any conditioned and volitionallly produced state is impermanent and liable to cease, one also sees and understands that this kind of effort, investment, orientation, wish for, desire, volition for what is only temporary (also jhana) is not the Noble Path. It will never end suffering. This is an imporant insight i believe. It is the Path everybody walks. It is just a mundane path. The Noble Path is not based upon such passions but grounded in dispassion.

That there is a supramundane Path one can also see in the teachings of four kinds of kamma, i feel. The mundane paths are those about bright , dark kamma and mixed kamma with corresponding results. But the supramundane path is about kamma that is nor bright nor dark, not ripening in dark and bright ways, leading to the end of kamma.

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