The good old days:

Are you already pining for the simple, wholesome days of yore? Are you wishing that all the fancy new stuff would just go away? Well, do we have the website for you!

For all your nostalgia and broswer-incompatibility needs!


New site is working beautifully for me on a Fire tablet.

happy to see cheerful post and easy access to any who might benefit. To be clear, content via legacy interface is current not archival? Checking and will edit this post to inform all…

Edited: confirmed, that D&D accessed via legacy interface is current not archived. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m not quite sure what this means. Can you explain it more for me?

I mean, use of the legacy site (on this Fire tablet which also had open the new everything) showed Discussion topics currently unviewed but created mere hours ago. Thus, users of that link do not need to worry they are just seeing pre-March 8th and earlier only.

edit: additional data: it appears that english language translations of suttas are not accessible thru legacy.

i would be happy to execute any steps and report results if that would be helpful.