The Inline Pāli Dictionary is So Cool

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This is so easy to use I feel like I’m cheating.


I agree. It is So Cool. And if it would just parse every lexical item it would be Absolutely Perfect. :smile:


Hey, that’s venerable Sujato’s job!


Thanks! Otherwise I’d feel so purposeless!


It’s time to find a higher purpose! :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, so it has a few problems… BUT it’s still pretty darn good :joy:


@Khemarato.bhikkhu Haven’t you read the Auspicious Festive Urine Sutta? Best one in the whole Canon. Must read. :sunglasses:


The first one is a display bug with the Pali texts in Firefox. We hope to fix this in the next month or so. meanwhile it works fine in Chrome.

As for the second, this is a mistake in breaking the compound. It should be mangala + (m) + uttamam. At some point we hope to improve the Pali recognition, but for now it’s at maybe 85%, then you’re on your own!



That’s click bait for sure! Too bad it’s just a bug, that title would encourage many views, simply because it sounds very interesting!


Maybe AN4.27? Are there any instances, maybe in the vinaya, of urine actually curing some disease?


There used to be a bug where you couldn’t see the pop up dictionary when the dark theme was activated. Seems to be fixed now. Sādhu.