The Mahavastu and the Vinayapitaka

A 2012 article by Vincent Tournier on the Mahavastu and its place regarding the Vinaya Pitaka. It argues that the Mahavastu is indeed a Vinaya text (as it is classified in SuttaCentral).

Vinaya has always included extensive narrative and mythology, and the Mahavastu extends that, adding copious legends and fables to the extent that some scholars have doubted that it is a Vinaya text at all. But the manuscript explicitly identifies itself as Vinaya.

2012a_The_Mahavastu_and_the_Vinayapiak.pdf (312.8 KB)



Which parts of vinaya can be identified as mythology ?

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The Buddha’s life, stories such as that of Dīghāvu Kumāra, some elements of the Vibhanga origin stories, etc. I discussed the Buddha’s life story as mythology extensively in White Bones Red Rot Black Snakes.


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