The oldest, dateable depiction of Buddha in human form

I wonder if the one who found it discarded the contents of the casket assuming it was just dust while it may have been ashes from the Blessed One! :sob:


Curating Vulture Peak is also an amazing (this one extensive and multi-part) series the British Museum put out related to this. It’s all part of their Curators Corner series. Very good, every episode.


You mean Conserving Vulture Peak:



Ah, yes! It seems I do.

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This one is even more only-vaguely relevant, but I thought it was a sign of the times that the British Museum is now doing unboxing videos on YouTube:

For those who don’t know, Seinto Onniisan is a light Japanese comedy about Jesus and the Buddha depicted as young broke 20-something year olds living in an apartment in Japan for a gap year.

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Hope the ad revenues can help them offsetting the decreasing numbers of visitors… :sweat:

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Hopefully. Ideally some people will come in and see this manga section and peripherally be interested in other things it has to offer.

I wish there were a Curator’s Corner about Gandhāran art and manuscripts as long as the one on the silk painting.