The Practice of Tudong

My friend and informal teacher Ayya Vimala and their trusted companion embarked on their first Tudong about three weeks ago on the northwest coast of the USA. Apparently this noble effort involves traveling on foot with very few material items such as a bowl, a blanket, a flashlight, etc.

So my post has two parts:
The first is that you send them positive energy or prayers if that is your prefer manner of support.
And secondly, if anyone has Tudong experience perhaps you would be kind enough to share it.

And as always may you be well and content! With Mucho Metta! :wink: :innocent: :pray:


I was gladdened to see this on social media. I hope they have a rewarding and inspiring tudong.


Sorry to double post. I remembered last night that Clear Mountain just released a podcast with Bhante Jinasiri/Jason, an Australian monk, who spent 13 years on tudong. It’s definitely worth a listen for those who are inspired by wandering monastics.


Please don’t apologize. Thanks for being the only person who cares enough to say something.

I can’t understand why so many people here on this Buddhist forum claim compassion yet fail to act on their vow. :astonished: :anguished: :frowning_with_open_mouth: :pleading_face: :confused: :frowning_face: :pray:


Wishing Venerable Vimala a nice cārika! But not too nice! Renunciation is one of the main purposes for the practice, after all! :slight_smile:

I have done tudong in Europe, not in the US. I have gone alms-round in the US, but that is different than full-on wandering. Hopefully, the venerable does not run into the problem of property restrictions and a car-centric society. One key to a successful tudong is an area with lots of foot traffic and people who are not in a rush. That allows people to stop, say hello, inquire, and potentially support the monastics. It also allows the monastics to actually offer Dhamma teachings either through example or through sharing words. One of the nice things about it is the freedom of wandering wherever. After a tudong, settling in a building with possessions can seem unnecessarily complicated!


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