The real meaning of Paṇḍa(ka) 🤣

I’m sorry Ajahn @Brahmali; I’ve come to the conclusion that your translation in KD 1 is all wrong so I’ve taken the liberty to correct it :smiley: :rofl: !

At one time a certain paṇḍa(ka) had gone forth as a monk. He approached the young monks and said, “Venerables, come and cuddle me.”

The monks dismissed him, “Go away, paṇḍa(ka). Who needs you?”

He went to the big and fat novices, said the same thing, and got the same response.

He then went to the elephant keepers and horse keepers, and once again he said the same thing. And they cuddled him. They complained and criticized them, “These Sakyan ascetics are paṇḍa(ka)s. And those who are not cuddle and play with them. None of them is free from the lure of that cuteness.”

The monks heard their complaints. They told the Buddha and he said, “A paṇḍa(ka) should not be given the full ordination. If it has been given, he should be expelled.”