The simile of the dandelion

Many people here may be familiar with the simile of the lotus flower by Ajahn Brahm.
In brief, the lotus flower in the early morning is closed and the petals open up very gradually, when the warmth and light of the sun reach them. In the same way, the mind opens up when it is imbibed with kindness and mindfulness: kindfulness!

While on a hike, yesterday, there were many dandelions, which go even further.
Similarly to other flowers, the dandelion opens up with the warmth and light of the sun (kindfulness!), showing its bright yellow crown and offering it to the world. Sometimes, it has had the chance to share the nectar which the sun had prepared: concentrated warmth and light.
And when this sweet and very nourishing nectar gets shared, the humble dandelion may transform into a representation of the whole Universe, which is finally happy to disappear and become nothing when the wind blows.

With Metta,


Beautiful @Ric ! Thank you :honeybee:

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