The whole of the Path in 2 sentences or less - Sutta quotes

2.1“Not so, Ānanda! Not so, Ānanda! 2.2 Good friends, companions, and associates are the whole of the spiritual life. 2.3 A mendicant with good friends, companions, and associates can expect to develop and cultivate the noble eightfold path.


"'When this is, that is.

"'From the arising of this comes the arising of that.

"'When this isn’t, that isn’t.

"'From the cessation of this comes the cessation of that.

SN 12.61


The Escape - Itivuttaka 72

“There are these three elements of escape. What three? The escape from sensual desires, that is, renunciation; the escape from form, that is, the formless; and the escape from whatever has come to be, from whatever is conditioned and dependently arisen, that is, cessation.



Aniccasaññino ……, anattasaññā saṇṭhāti, anattasaññī asmimānasamugghātaṁ pāpuṇāti diṭṭheva dhamme nibbānan”ti.

“When you perceive impermanence, the perception of not-self becomes stabilized. Perceiving not-self, you uproot the conceit ‘I am’ and attain extinguishment in this very life.”


Mudita Citta upāsikā Viveka!

For sammā vāyāma:
Bhikkhus, these six bases for contact—if well tamed, well guarded, well protected, well restrained—are bringers of happiness. SN 35.94

Samādhi Magga asamādhi kumagga a.n

Develop samādhi, for one who develops samādhi knows things as they truly are SN 35

For sammā diṭṭhi/ right view:

Sabbaṃ adittaṃ
Everything is burning SN

Breast milk is blood in the Ariya Vinaya MN

Could even make different lists for the different aṅgas…


“Look on the world as empty, Mogharāja, being always mindful.
Having removed wrong view of self, in this way one will cross beyond Death."

Snp 5.16


From the Metta Sutta:

“By not holding to fixed views,
The pure-hearted one, having clarity of vision,
Being freed from all sense desires,
Is not born again into this world.”

Snp 1.8


And these were his firsts (right after his enlightenment) :

Dhammapada 153-154

And an excellent Dhamma talk on this theme, translated by Ajaan Paññāvaddho:


The Blessed One said, “And what, monks, are clingable phenomena? What is clinging?

“Form is a clingable phenomenon. Any desire-passion related to it, is clinging related to it.

“Feeling is a clingable phenomenon. Any desire-passion related to it, is clinging related to it.

“Perception is a clingable phenomenon. Any desire-passion related to it, is clinging related to it.

“Fabrications are clingable phenomena. Any desire-passion related to them, is clinging related to them.

“Consciousness is a clingable phenomenon. Any desire-passion related to it, is clinging related to it.

“These are called clingable phenomena. This is clinging.”

Upādāna Sutta (SN 22:121)


To abstain from all evil,
To cultivate what is good
To purify one’s mind
This is the teaching of all the Buddhas.

Patient endurance is the highest asceticism,
Nibbana is supreme, the Buddhas say.
He is not a recluse who harms another,
Nor is he an ascetic who oppresses others.

Dhp 183, 184


It means -
Whatever ppl do or say to Punna, Punna’s response sumz up as “it doesn’t matter.”


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Punna certainly was able to let go all ‘relishing’ :balloon: :butterfly:

There are sounds known by the ear … smells known by the nose … tastes known by the tongue … touches known by the body … thoughts known by the mind that are likable, desirable, agreeable, pleasant, sensual, and arousing. If a mendicant doesn’t approve, welcome, and keep clinging to them, relishing ceases. When relishing ceases, suffering ceases, I say.


MN 149
And their craving—which leads to future rebirth, mixed up with relishing and greed, looking for enjoyment in various different realms—is given up. Their physical and mental stress, torment, and fever are given up.

( And they experience physical and mental pleasure.)


All the world is on fire,
All the world is burning,
All the world is ablaze,
All the world is quaking.

That which does not quake or blaze,
That to which worldlings do not resort,
Where there is no place for Mara:
That is where my mind delights.


‘Conditions fall apart. Persist with diligence.’”
vayadhammā saṅkhārā appamādena sampādethā”ti.

DN 16


DN 15
This dependent origination is deep and appears deep. It is because of not understanding and not penetrating this teaching that this population has become tangled like string, knotted like a ball of thread, and matted like rushes and reeds, and it doesn’t escape the places of loss, the bad places, the underworld, transmigration.


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SN 35.95
Then Venerable Māluṅkyaputta went up to the Buddha … and asked him,
“Sir, may the Buddha please teach me Dhamma in brief. When I’ve heard
it, I’ll live alone, withdrawn, diligent, keen, and resolute.”
“Well now, Māluṅkyaputta, what are we to say to the young monks, when
even an old man like you, elderly and senior, advanced in years, having
reached the final stage of life, asks the Realized One for brief advice?”
“Sir, even though I’m an old man, elderly and senior, may the Buddha
please teach me Dhamma in brief! May the Holy one please teach me in
brief! Hopefully I can understand the meaning of what the Buddha says.
Hopefully I can be an heir of the Buddha’s teaching!”

SN 35.95


"It leads to disillusionment, dispassion, cessation, peace, insight, awakening, and extinguishment.
"etaṁ nibbidāya virāgāya nirodhāya upasamāya abhiññāya sambodhāya nibbānāya saṁvattati,



“Everything that has a beginning has an end.”
“yaṁ kiñci samudayadhammaṁ sabbaṁ taṁ nirodhadhamman”ti.

With Metta


“Who in rebirths no essence finds
as a seeker of flowers on Udumbara trees;
a bhikkhu such leaves here and there
as a serpent sloughs its worn-out skin.”

Snp 1.1