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~ Videos on meditation, Buddhism and the monastic life. ~~~

Welcome to the YouTube channel of Bhante Yuttadhammo, meditation teacher and director of Sirimangalo International, a non-profit religious organization created with the intention of helping to spread insight meditation in the tradition of Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo.

If you want to meditate with us and or ask Bhante questions, please go to:
On our site,, you’ll find instructions on how to meditate and information on how to support Bhante.

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Please add Mindful Matt. He suffers from fracture in the backbone resulting from some degenerative disease which started when he was 23 I think and instead of getting into the downward spiral, he has effectively used his suffering as motivation to practice even deeper. As a result he is personally endorsed by even Ajahn Brahm as a meditation teacher.

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I have 67 video postings now, and counting…

Here is my RSS feed, should you want to “subscribe” to my “channel” in your RSS Feed aggregator.

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There is a german channel


Thank you for this thread.

Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Karunadhammo are currently staying at the Pacific Hermitage, regularly live streaming guided meditations and Q&As:

Ajahn Jotipalo, currently at Birken Forest Monastery, BC, Canada:

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The Buddhist Association of the United States and Chuang Yen Monastery hosts many of Bhikkhu Bodhi recordings.

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Some Bhikkhu Anālayo videos and his audio guided meditations are here on a BCBS page:

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Hello Savaka, thank you for compiling this list :tulip:

You might like to add the Buddhist Insights YouTube channel “a non-profit organization connecting you with monastics from every Buddhist tradition. Learn more at

And for an eventual “other languages” entry (or someone might find it helpful):

“Suddhavāri Monastery is a Buddhist monastery of the Theravada tradition located in the city of São Lourenço, in the south of Minas Gerais [Brazil]. We are officially a monastery associated with Wat Pah Pong, the monastery of the famous Thai teacher, Ajahn Chah, and we follow his way of practice.” website:

Their YouTube channel with regular Dhamma talks in Portuguese: [Sociedade Budista do Brasil]


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Really enjoying the Gudetama video!

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Just sharing. Just personal preference for videos.

For general Theravada understanding, I go for Ven. K Sri Dhammananda Mahanayaka Thera videos & Ashin Sarana channel.

For topic exploration, I go for Ajahn Punnadhammo channel.

For practical daily life practice, I go for Ven. K Sri Dhammananda Mahanayaka Thera videos, Chao Khun Keng (Eng) videos & Chao Phra Khun Ajahn Jayasaro channel.

For sutta technical understanding, I go for Bhikkhu Bodhi & Ajahn Brahmali’s videos.

I don’t watch these anymore: Ven. Vimalaramsi, Ajahn Brahm, Ven. Thanissaro, Ven. Dhammika, Ven. Sujato, Ven. Punnaji, Ven. Sona & Ven. Dhammavuddho’s videos.

(Doesn’t mean anything, I just no longer and don’t feel wanted to watch their videos)

Here are my suggestions based exclusively on personal preference. Excuse me if I missed a previous mention of these two.

Ajahn Anan Akincano (Wat Marp Jan)
Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Wat Metta)

Busy with classwork tonight, I’ll make sure this list gets updated this weekend. Thank you for the continued support for this thread!


Since you said “Theravada” in the title and no one mentioned yet:

Bhikkhu Samahita

Very Unfortunately he took away his own life in 2019 but the quality of film making with the Sinhalese landscapes are simply unmatched.

It’s my favorite channel to learn about the Dhamma while at the same time relaxing with the sounds and sights.

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Just as an addendum to your excellent suggestion—Bh. Bodhi’s introductory lectures to Buddhism from the 1980s:

Bhikkhu Bodhi: Introduction to Buddhism Lectures


That is very unfortunate. I feel a lot of sympathy.

Dhamma Talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Short Dhamma Talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

One big pubbakari of mine. Thank you to his talks, Access To Insight work, website work, which have helped me in my path. Thank you to his team as well. Also, thank you to SuttaCentral team for the work of sharing sutta, creating platform for Dhamma discussion. Also thank you to other teachers and people as well, whom I don’t mention here.

There are many videos but I’d like to recommend this one: Honest & Observant - Dhamma Talk

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where’s bhante sujato’s YouTube channel ?