This must be what the last Sautrantika felt like

I’ve been having an urge lately to do another precepts ceremony as a re-affirmation, so I signed on to my order’s website to see what the closest center might be. The home temple is in Hawaii, so I was hoping for something closer to where I am (Arizona, USA). The local group I was originally with shut down some time ago when the priest moved to another state.

I was surprised and unsettled to see that the order became defunct earlier this year. I know it doesn’t really change anything, but it still feels a little weird. Oh noes! Now I am The Man Without A Lineage! :thinking: Anybody need a slightly used Dharma Name?



I am so grateful to the internet. Nowadays, Dhamma connection is a few clicks away :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the best on your journey,
With Metta :anjal::dharmawheel::thaibuddha:


May I congratulate you for one less cause for becoming.


I am the last Sautrānika* and I can confirm that this is what I feel like.