This Pagoda contains the largest book in the World


The Kuthodaw Pagoda contains 729 or 733 stelae if the 4 Burmese stelae are included. But right next to this pagoda is the Sandamuni Pagoda which preserves the Pali commentaries and sub-commentaries carved on 1774 marble stelae at the instigation of U Khanti (1868-1949) in 1913.

In 2013, a team from the University of Sydney and Nan Tien Institute founded the Kuthodaw Pagoda Project to preserve the stelae, clean them, photograph them and then create an electronic edition of the Kuthodaw Pagoda text which is the text that was recited at the 5th Theravada council.

The Kuthodaw Pagoda Marble-stelae Inscriptions, Mandalay, Myanmar: Conservation, Photographing, and Study of a Neglected Recension of the Pali Buddhist Canon from Mark Allon et al. is a nice introduction.