Thoughts on the covid situation

I think that this is a very confusing time and people are quite bamboozled & polarized.

I would like to encourage ya’ll not to give rise to resentment towards the other group, whether they are the unvaxxed, the vaxxed or the government politicians.

We should remember that everything happening to us is largely the result of our own kamma, that the human state has always been imperfect, full of misery and that whatever fault we find in other people, those are the very kind of flaws that were found in us.

Therefore i encourage everyone to turn away from resentment, brace yourselves to face whatever is coming your way with forbearance and without delay turn the mind to the destruction of taints.

Possessing three qualities, practice the unmistaken way, laying the groundwork for the destruction of the taints. Here, one guards the doors of the sense faculties, observes moderation in eating, and is intent on wakefulness.

Further remain focused on unattractiveness with regard to the body, percipient of loathsomeness with regard to food, percipient of non-delight with regard to the entire world, (and) focused on inconstancy with regard to all fabrications.

Make sure the perception of death is well established within you and dwell in dependence on the five strengths of a learner — strength of conviction, strength of conscience, strength of concern, strength of persistence, & strength of discernment.

Thus you will attend to the teacher’s message and attain the immediacy leading to the ending of effluents.