Tibetan mulasarvastivada and other Tibetan EBTs

Zen has the most solid lineage ever.

Yup. No holes in that chronology.

Hahahaha. I personally don’t mind. I keep the fabricated one as the mythopoetic non-literal story that just pays homage to great figures that inspire the practice. And then there is the actual history. I know how to hold both in my mind :wink: . But I definitely bite my tongue around the Tibetan teachers :wink: .

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I am scouring the internet to double check this story.

I found the following: “This practice is summarized in seven points, which are attributed to the great Indian Buddhist teacher Atisha Dipankara Shrijnana,[8] born in 982 CE. They were first written down by Kadampa master Langri Tangpa (1054–1123). The practice became more widely known when Geshe Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1101–1175) summarized the points in his Seven Points of Training the Mind.[9] This list of mind training (lojong) aphorisms or ‘slogans’ compiled by Chekawa is often referred to as the Atisha Slogans.”

And all of that is ringing a bell. But now I am recalling that Atisha or Atisha’s teacher was supposed to have gotten it from Sri Lanka… but I am not finding the info. I will hunt for the story down tomorrow to make sure I am not making stuff up. Hope not, usually my memory is good with this kind of stuff!

I don’t think that meditation is found in Sri Lankan manuals of practice.

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Yeah. It would be dead by now regardless of if it were ever practiced.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard tell of tantrika lineages from Sri Lanka though. So there is something more to try to find out.

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I was thinking of the Vimuttimagga and Visuddhimagga.

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Atisha was Bengali and studied in Indonesia; I wonder whether his international origins have become a little confused? Having said which, there’s nothing intrinsically improbable about receiving a lineage from Sri Lanka, too.

Lokanatha was originally just one of the many epithets of the Buddha (Thag 16.10, Thig 11.1, etc.) At some point it must have been considered as a personal name.


My memory was totally faulty and it wasn’t Sri Lanka. So I apologize for that. I don’t like spreading misinformation. Yeah I believe the teaching came from Indonesia. It was sooooo long ago when I had heard the origin story that my brain just got confused over time.

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