TikTok’s viral monks are clashing with Buddhist authorities

The article is quite well written. And it’s worth a click just for the photography.


I’ve learnt a new word (well, phrase).

A thirst trap is a type of social media post intended to entice viewers sexually. It refers to a viewer’s “thirst”, a colloquialism likening sexual frustration to dehydration, implying desperation, with the afflicted individual being described as “thirsty.”

Good to know. Quite EBT in a way. I should’ve seen it coming, it was clearly labelled. I shall avoid clicking links that say “thirst trap” in the future :rofl:


One bit of context that’s important for everyone to keep in mind is that, in Cambodia and Laos, many monasteries are effectively orphanages or boarding schools, taking in boys not there out of a religious fervor but because the temple offers a safe place to stay and get a basic education.

Between the American bombs and Communist revolutions, some of the worst fighting of the 20th century left many families there broken. And that’s not to mention the land mines still killing people today.

It’s amazing that Buddhism in Cambodia is still standing at all let alone that it’s able to provide a refuge to such boys.

Does “boys will be boys” excuse all wrongdoing? Will all these novices become Arahants? Obviously no.

But the lay donors to these temples aren’t stupid. They know (better than you) what’s going on in their own temples. They’re just trying to rebuild their culture one brick (and one 'Tok) at a time.


And what if it’s a skilful way to reach each and everyone at exactly “Now”

Would Buddha, if born in this time, set the wheel of dhamma in motion, online?

Maybe on TikTok …