Tilorien Chanting Book

Tilorien Monastery has now a chanting book that is available for download in PDF and Epub formats.

The cover picture has most obviously been made by Ayya @vimalanyani (or Ven. @Yodha) who also helped with the compilation of the content of the book.


Chanting book PDF
Chanting book Epub


Will there be a follow up mp3?


Downloaded and soon to be printed in color. Thank you @Vimala, @sabbamitta, @vimalanyani and all at Tilorien.

My Mom called me last week to tell me that she has just been diagnosed with throat cancer. All of us can be shocked with news like this, and as my grandmother lived to be 95, I always expected my Mom to have the same good health and be free of illness. But, as we know, it is our nature to be ill, and to be facing death. Still, when it’s your Mom, it is a gut punch and the motivation now is to be strong, be of wise support, and be there for her, though she lives 1700 miles away from me.

This excellent Tilorien Chanting Book will now be with me, as I have always loved the Metta Sutta, and it will be the paritta that I work with whatever merit I can muster and for good energy for my Mom, as she faces now radiation therapy and chemotherapy. I will give her a copy as well, and share with her the good energy that has been generated by these strong and pioneering monastic women of Tilorien, to build and sustain the wonderful Tilorien.

And with the centerpiece of the Metta Sutta being this strong and diligent Mother, who protects her child, so may she be protected during this challenging time.

Anumodana, Venerables of Tilorien!