Tilorien iSangha to address Covid-19 crisis

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We just had our first iSangha meeting with 14 people. As we are having the virtual meditation room rented anyway, I will use it for the entire normal Tilorien program from now on.

So that means you can login the room and join the meditations every day from 6-7am and chanting on Monday and Wednesday from 6-7 pm. On Fridays we will keep our iSangha meetings from 8-10pm CEST.

So for those who want join the meditations, chanting or discussion groups, you are very welcome at those times.

See the site tilorien.org/en/isangha for more information.


I’ve explored the links, but I still can’t see how to access this directly.


Same meeting number or does that change? Is there an email address which Zoom ap will recognize?

Martin, Zoom ap is available from Google Play Store or from Zoom, there’s a link on that /isangha page. But I think a little more info might be required (hence, my questions).

Meeting numbers don’t change, as telephone numbers don’t (provided a user doesn’t set up more than one room).

Zoom can also be accessed through you web browser: https://zoom.us/.


I’ve updated the information:

Our virtual Tilorien Meditation Hall

Our virtual hall is open at all times at Launch Meeting - Zoom

This is the place where we will hold all meditation sessions and gatherings.

Everybody is welcome to participate or meet others in this hall at times when there are no sesssions.

Please respect that this hall is only used for meditation and dhamma discussions, just as you would in a normal hall.

Friday night gathering

A weekly meditation and Dhamma discussion group on Fridays 20.00-22.00 CEST.

Ven. Vimala and Ayya Anopama will guide the evening. Other monastics can be invited.

Everybody is very welcome to join.

Daily meditation sittings

For those of you on lockdown retreat or who just want to have a good start of the day, there are daily meditation sessions.

You can just sit and listen to the chantings or participate if you like. The chanting book is available for download here: https://samita.be/en/media/books/

Daily: 6.00 – 7.00 CEST Silent meditation and chanting (page 1 of the chanting book)

Mondays: 18.00 – 19.00 CEST Chanting of the Dhamma-cakka-pavattana-sutta (page 5 of the chanting book) followed by silent meditation

Wednesdays: 18.00 – 19.00 CEST Chanting of the Anatta-lakkhaṇa-sutta (page 13 of the chanting book) followed by silent meditation

Saturdays: 18.00 – 19.00 CEST Chanting of the Karaṇīya-metta-sutta (page 40 of the chanting book) followed by guided meditation

These virtual meditation sessions will be offered for the duration of the lockdown.
This is Tilorien’s normal program but as nobody can come to the monastery, we are doing it this way.


Ayya Yeshe speaks at iSangha on 11th April

You are very warmly invited to join Ayya Yeshe from Australia at the Tilorien iSangha (iSangha – Tilorien Monastery) for a Dhamma Talk, meditation and discussion on Saturday 11th April from 9.30-11am.

Ayya Yeshe Chodron ordained as a nun in 2001 at the age of 23. She discovered Buddhism whilst travelling in Nepal and India on a search for the meaning of life. She trained under many teachers and is a well-known Dhamma speaker. She is often referred to as “nun of the slums” for her work with women and children in the slums in India, empowering some of the poorest and most oppressed communities in the world to break the cycle of poverty and oppression.

More on Ayya Yeshe can be found here: Ayya Yeshe Chodron – Samita ASBL

Because of the time difference with Australia, the regular Friday night iSangha meeting on 10th April is cancelled and replaced by the meeting on Saturday morning 11th April.



Is that CEST? …

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Yes, exactly. :mantelpiece_clock:

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That should be 5:30pm Sydney (AEST), given that we will be finished with daylight saving by then. This is excellent. I remember meeting Ayya Yeshe at Santi one time. :slight_smile: :pray:


Further program of the Tilorien iSangha

Next to Ayya Yeshe there are other monastic speakers at the iSangha of Tilorien Monastery in the coming weeks:

Ajahn Brahmali speaks at iSangha on 18th April—“Right virus view”

We are very happy that Ajahn Brahmali from Australia has agreed to give a talk at the Tilorien iSangha (iSangha – Tilorien Monastery) on Saturday 18th April from 9.30-11am CEST.

Ajahn Brahmali has lived at Bodhinyana Monastery since 1994, and was ordained as a Bhikkhu, with Ajahn Brahm as his preceptor, in 1996. In 2015 he will be entered his 20th Rains Retreat as a fully ordained monastic and received the title Maha Thera (Great Elder). He is very well known for his knowledge of Pali, the Suttas and Vinaya. Ajahn Brahmali’s clear and thoughtful talks make the teachings of the Buddha easily accessible to all and are very popular. More on Ajahn Brahmali can be found here: https://www.samita.be/en/monks-nuns/ajahn-brahmali/

Because of the time difference with Australia, the regular Friday night iSangha meeting on 17th April is moved to Saturday morning 18th April.

The Gift of Presence in Times of Challenge – Insight Dialogue online with Ayya Anopama 13th April – 4th May

Monday, 13th April, 20th April, 27th April, 4rd May from 19.15–21.00 CEST

Ayya Anopama will offer four consecutive introductory sessions to Insight Dialogue, a relational meditation practice designed to help us be awake in our everyday lives. It brings together meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha and the power of relationship, to support the development of liberating insight and compassion while investigating present moment experience.

Ayya Anopama has extensive meditation experience with a number of well-known teachers. More on Ayya Anopama can be found here: https://www.samita.be/en/monks-nuns/ayya-anopama/*

Prerequisites: prior meditation experience; newcomers to Insight Dialogue (ID) as well as seasoned ID practioners are welcome. Participation in all four sessions is recommended for newcomers.

Registration: via email to tilorien.office@gmail.com stating ‘Insight Dialogue’ in the subject heading to receive the details for the designated zoom room which will be sent before the start of the course. The number of participants is limited.

For more information on Insight Dialogue see: www.metta.org

For all events of the Tilorien iSangha see the website of SAmita ASBL:

On how to join the iSangha please check the Tilorien Monastery website.


I’ve made slight changes to the above post: Ajahn Brahmali is going to talk on “Right virus view”.


Today’s talk with Ayya Yeshe: Resilience and Radical Compassion for Hard Times

Please find the video of Ajahn Brahmalis wonderful talk from 18th April at iSangha here on Samita ASBL’s Youtube Channel:

Please note that the first 11 minutes are part of the guided meditation, the talk starts at about 11:30 min.

For more events see here.


Heeeey! That’s not fair, Ang. @sabbamitta! If you just edit your old post, how can I give another :heart: to the new addition you’ve made!!!!

I found it such an uplifting talk! Thanks so much Ajahn (and also Ang. Sabbamitta, despite your recent mischief :grin: :smiling_imp:)


Thanks for that! I started the video on Sunday and abandoned it after 5 mins.

And, btw, following on what Aminah said, fewer people will see something that you add as an edit to an old post than if you give it it’s own post. :slight_smile:


In light of both these fine points, I’ve added a timecoded link in a new post to the “more iSangha events thread”.


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Some things are worth spreading far and wide! :wink:


How right! And now we have this talk by Ajahn Brahmali in two places already. However, things are easier to find if they are in one place. What I was trying to do is put all the talks into the thread where they have originally been announced. So the talks of what is announced in the “more events” thread should go there.

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