Tilorien Monastery: we continue building


As the old thread has become a bit long, I’ve started a new one here.
Yesterday we had a lovely day with building a wooden kuti, Dhamma reflection and meditation groupsit with our regular group.


Looking good! Are you able to insulate that type of cabin kit?


Cool! Waterfront property! :crazy_face:


We will do with 25cm of rockwool so it will become a bit smaller inside but will keep it nice and warm in winter (we hope). It can freeze her up to -20C.

More like ice-front at the moment :snowflake:


Those rockwool sheep are very hard to shear without some serious power tools. :grin::ram:


Today, solar panels have been installed on the roof.
These should give us enough electricity for the next 25 years!

But please don’t try to do this yourself!!!


Okay, I’m trying it … but on a slightly lower roof!


Well, the solar panels are definately working: our electricity meter is running backwards!

Of course that we have sun at all half february is rather extraordinary for the time of year. It should be freezing with lots of snow right now. Yet it is warm enough to work outside in a t-shirt.
The other day the geese-migration came over on their way to Scandinavia, also much too early.


Anagarika Sabbamitta came to help out with the kuti roof. With her help we finally managed to finish it!


And I’m sure it’s 100% waterproof now! :umbrella: :wink:


It looks lovely. May everyone who resides in it, find liberation and freedom from suffering :anjal:


This is sort of what I saw from my roof window last night.
(This picture was taken from the internet).


The 8m2 basement “kuti” for Ayya Vimala is finally ready. With a big screen for working on SuttaCentral.

The Monastery cat Bolleke selecting which Dhamma book to read today:

And we have a new guest: our very own Aminah!


Wishing you a very good time at Tilorien, @Aminah, and hoping I’ll make it to meet you there! :heart:


Yikes! What interesting creatures you’ve allowed to visit; I’m sure those two-legged and four-legged beings are very happy.

Much thanks Ang. @sabbamitta, likewise, it would be so lovely to meet you again.


The monastery is looking great! Congratulations for your hard work, determination and substantial building skills!

It’s wonderful to see so many visitors coming and benefiting from all your efforts and the kindness of your supporters.

With best wishes for a flourishing Tilorien!


Please stroke the cat for me!


Oh the cats don’t easily allow anybody to stroke them…




Oh so sad to see you cry! You have to come and feed them regularly for a while, and then maybe Bolleke would allow, but the other one still not.