Tilorien Monastery: we've started building!


Floor in the ground-floor: ready for the screed to come!


And… we also have gas now!


More gardening work:



And again the outside stone cladding:



Even more progress has been made during the last few days!

The inside walls have been filled with insulation material (cellulose) that had to be brought in under high pressure. At the first attempt a while ago some of the walls did not stand the pressure, but this time they proved solid enough. :grin: :grin:




More doodles have also been drawn on the walls: (fans of the dhamma doodle thread might have a deja-vu… :wink:)

The kitchen deva

All monasteries should have kitchen devas. Anyone who has ever been a monastery kitchen manager will know why…

Gangatiriya and his hut made of three palm leaves

This doodle was made after someone got a glasswool fiber into their eye and spend an entire morning in pain and wishing that we could just build a monastery out of three palm leaves…

The following three doodles were made during the putting down of the underfloor heating, the most exhausting job we have done so far:

Dhamma- weightlifting


The cold winter nights


And finally, after we were done:

Feeding on joy!


It will be most surprising for later generations to discover what is underneath the wallpaper… :star_struck: :star_struck:


:thinking: :thought_balloon: “I wonder if it’s reasonable to conceive of myself as a later generation?” :thought_balloon: :smiling_imp: :thought_balloon: “I wonder if I should pack a steamer when I visit?” :thought_balloon: :smiling_imp: :thought_balloon: “I wonder if these thoughts lead to a bad destination?” :thought_balloon: :thinking:


Makes me want to visit Belgium straight away!


:rofl: The walls might not be finished yet by the time you visit… No steamer necessary…


:joy: :anjal:


Sometimes things are even going according to plan: The screed has been made at the agreed date and looks very nice:

And after tidying up the workshop we’ve even a meditation mat to sit on… :grin:

The workshop really looks so very clean and tidy, doesn’t it? :ok_hand:


Latest pictures of building activities at Tilorien Monastery:

Pipe for exhaust fan in the kitchen

Starting wallpapering in the ground-floor—so sorry for some doodles… :disappointed_relieved:

Tiling in the toilet & bathroom


Walkway around the building is taking shape

And the foundation for a garden hut is being laid


Here’s one last one. It will probably disappear tomorrow…


Finally we don’t have to climb up and down a ladder all the time—we’re having a real staircase now! :star_struck:



We are a real forest monastery now… The snakes have moved in! :ghost:



Now we are officially a monastery… Our signboard is ready.



Tiling: the kitchen floor


Sheer luxury: a real flushing toilet… :astonished:


Early beginnings of a kitchen:

Prepared for the Open Day:



One week to go until our official opening… and everything seems to have gone into self-destruct mode.
:scream: :scream:


Dhamma doodles :grin:

I really hope it is not quite as bad as it looks here… ! :cold_sweat:


It is worse… :wink: No sunshine, just fog. :fog:


The fact that you can post here shows at least that you’re still alive… :sun_behind_large_cloud: