Tilorien Monastery: we've started building!


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That’s a beautiful hole in the ground!

But seriously, it’s amazing that you’ve all come so far, sadhu! to everyone involved.


Sadhu & good luck. Have you some idea about inauguration date or is it too early to know now?


Well, the building itself will be finished by March next year. Then we still have to do all the interior fittings, electricity, plumbing, heating, floors, kitchen, bathroom, etc… :sweat_smile: That depends a lot on donations and volunteers, so we don’t have a final date yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, and very importantly, build the kutis! :blush:


May I ask where this Monastery is located?


It’s in Belgium and you can find more information here:


And if ever some foreign monastics would like to come and visit, this is what you can look forward to when applying for a religious visa:

(My tip: just come as a tourist instead!)


One more picture, the 5000l micro-system for kitchen/toilet/shower:


The snow has melted and the walls of the basement have gone up now!


It’s progressed quickly! :slightly_smiling_face:

With metta


And some more pics:


Are all the hoses pink there? :grinning:

with metta


Sadhu sadhu sadhu! It’s coming along well.
I spent some of my childhood in Belgium and think it’s awesome you’re building a nuns monastery there.


After 2 weeks winter holidays the work goes on: part of the basement has received its ceiling now!



Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

It is so wonderful :smiley:


The basement will be finished this week! It already looks like a “real” building with a “real” entrance, doesn’t it… ? :heart_eyes:


Awesome! When can I “really” move in? :smiley:


Do you have your passport ready? :wink:


No. :cry: