Tilorien Monastery: we've started building!


This is just speeding up here: The basement has been closed, so now we are on the safe side as to rain & snow! :umbrella:



So you can all camp out in the basement now?


Only if we set up a nice campfire in there… :grin:
It’s snowing and around 0° C at the moment. (According to the weather forecast… I’m not around to check if that’s true…)


View a short video sequence of the Tilorien building site! :heart_eyes:


Noticed the “Stop Tihange” poster on the car.

For those of you who don’t know, Tihange is a large nuclear power plant about 30 km from the new monastery site. Ironically enough, a very large and famous Tibetan monastery, where the Dalai Lama stays when he is here, is right next door to it. Germany and Holland have been trying to get Tihange closed because it is seen as very unsafe because a test in 2012 showed many small flaws in the reactor. Sofar the Belgium government has been reluctant to close down this power plant.


And on it goes with the building:


Foundations for the terrace are appearing!


As well as… what’s that?.. the watertanks are put into the ground!

The upper parts of the building are being pre-constructed in the builder’s workshop—waiting to see them appear at the building site with some impatience… :grin:


Finally—it starts looking like a “REAL” house!!! :heart: :butterfly: :tulip:


And: We have the building plans for the double-kuti which—hopefully—we will also be able to build this year:

Front view of double-kuti (in the foreground) and main building (in the backgrond)


Wow! Thank you so much Mitta! It’s all happening now!


I didn’t build it… :wink:


We now have also the full 3-dimensional plans for the double kuti:


And on it goes bit by bit! A bit slower due to bad weather, but still… :grin:


How wonderful! Is this on the same property where the treehouse is?

By the way, I love your about page!


No, the treehouse is on a different property half an hour away and it will be sold in order to pay for the monastery building. But in the next month I’ll probably be back in the treehouse.


Today I had the opportunity to go to the monastery site and have a look in person, and this is what I saw:

I had to walk all around the building and look through all windows, and it was just such a beautiful day!

The scaffolding is being set in place.


This is the view from the basement.

Some of the trees that have been planted by us last November.

The weeping sally in flowers.


View from downhill—

—and from the street.


The ground is very muddy, and while walking around at some point I got completely stuck with both my boots and fell on my bottom—that’s when it’s really fun to be an Anagarika and wear all white clothes! :joy: :rofl:


Gosh … it looks so big!


It will be much better when all of your hearts live there.


This is looking so wonderful :smile:


My little hut is roofed and pleasant,
Sheltered from the wind:
So rain, sky, as you please!
My mind is serene and freed,
I practice whole-heartedly: so rain, sky!
—Thag 1.1 Subhūti

Just before the Easter holiday the house is covered!

And… look at this beautiful rainbow over Venerable Vimala’s treehouse!


The roof is finished!


There are sills at every door & window!

Overhang support


Our meditation hall!


A house with doors & windows—lockable! Finally we can start storing stuff inside:


And the beginnings of a garden: