New website, apparently focused on pali texts. No translations provided, only word by word lookup.

An interesting feature is the rendering of Pali texts in brahmi script.



I believe this is by our friend @chyasaro

It’d be nice to know how they’re doing the script-changing.


It is hard work, many people put their talents together. The fonts must be unicode and able to be online as well, if not need to modify to make it work in real world. After that mapping the characters from the source to various languages by java code to get it online.

I just success to make the 45 volumes text of lao script in pali converter (ปริวรรตอักษร). The next project is ongoing as Tai Tham Lanna and Tai Tham Lao scripts.

Hopefully, this info will be helpful.


@sujato, If you are interested in to convert the pali script from roman to others please let me know and send me the text files. May be I can help to get it done better.


Thanks, venerable. Currently we do this on the clinet side, running javascript in the browser that does the conversion. We adapted this script from, I think it was the Digital Pali Reader. Do you have anything similar that does conversion? javascript would be perfect, but we could have a look at other scripts as well.

Serving static files in various scripts is another option. Potentially it could be done, but it would involve a bigger change to our architecture. Still, if that is how you work, I can talk to our engineers and see if it is feasible.