Tipitaka-Pali-Projector TPP: new 1.05 release with deb support

Ven Subhuti continues to do awesome work on the Tipitaka Pali Projector. For those unfamiliar, it’s an offline Pali resource that fills a comparable niche to Ven Yuttadhammo’s Digital Pali Reader, but built afresh on native technologies.

The latest version has a deb file, you can install it natively on Debian systems; it’s even in the Ubuntu app store!

Oh, and it includes translations by yours truly.



To avoid the "use specific browser / extension / config " you can run a run a local web server. The instructions for python local server do not work with python3+ as the simple-http-server has been absorbed into the http.server class so:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
python3.8 -m http.server


Thank you for the information.

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1.06 is released. Many changes you will never notice.
We are now an official Mac-OS app (desktop) iOS is coming soon.
APK is also on the project website and being reviewed by the google play store app.
dmg and exe are on the project release files as well as the zip for Firefox

news updates for the app and direct github release links, can be found here:


TPP 1.06 is now released on the Google Play Store (This version is slightly higher than 1.06)
TPP is also on the Microsoft Store as well.

Basically, it is on all official software stores except ios. It should happen in probably about 2 to 3 weeks. We know this is the most needed platform for roman pali readers, but that is what you get when you buy overpriced devices that really do look and feel good but also can’t do much! In any case, we hope to fix the Pali Reader problem within a few weeks time. it is built and tested and just one simple bug to fix for rotation.


Thank you Venerable for also making it available on the Microsoft Store. :pray:

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Bhante, astonishing work! Thank you for this and the approach you took.
BTW, how big is your team?

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One original vietnam monk who does not code anymore. (google original project)
One Taiwan monk
Me (project leader and small coding)
Bulgarian Lay Programmer
New American, helped with ios and android.
Sri Lankan helped with Mac submission reqs.

Most of the work was the Taiwan and Bulgarian, plus what was already open source from various places. mostly … dpr and sutta central and tipitaka.app
Would you like to join? We will do a full rewrite in Angular which most of us do not know (yet).
We also have updates to clean up on the current project and need help with a few mobile stuff.

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Our main approach was to be fully offline and on all platforms. (Native apps came later as Firefox again betrayed its developers.) It was a blessing in the end.
To have fast searches
To have English support
Multi-dictionary support
Anki Support (was how I got involved)
Left side panel.
Our Algo was based on DPR, but we work on a fixed flat that runs “dumb” when the app is running. We believe that a perfect algo is impossible and we hope to launch another international project to fix the word breakups once and for all by hand.

Had I known the DPR was doing the full rewrite, I probably would have waited. :slight_smile:

Being in the official stores was also a goal that was added. It was a total negligible cost of one time fees of $19 for MS and $25 for Google. Apple: We will have use of a nonprofit dev account soon.
Not sure why more apps are not in the respective stores. It is totally legit and makes it all trustworthy. However, there are a few hurdles to go through for store submission especially with apple.
BTW… i’m not sure I would trust snaps… they seem to have zero code scanning… but maybe it is done programatically with ai or the snaps run in protected modes…not sure… but we are legit.

For those of you who are Anki fans: Now you can make your favorite decks within a few minutes.
Here is a video instruction on how to do it. (Anki knowledge is assumed)


FWIW, I wouldn’t recommend using Angular for this kind of project. It’s a relic from an earlier age of web apps. I fear you’ll get trapped in a massive tarball of javascript and regret.

If I may, I’d suggest looking at JAMstack with server-side rendering of the main content as vanilla HTML/JS. For dynamic client code, we’re really happy with LitElement. But there are plenty of other cool options around these days; svelte is getting a lot of traction, although I prefer to stay closer to the platform.

sadhu for the suggestions. I’ll look into this. It is pretty much the Bulgarian programmer who wants this and he makes everything happen that would not be possible by us. There are no brick walls for him. I’ll mention these platforms to him. I’m sure he knows what they are. Angular is still well supported and talked about. I did a tutorial with the Heros project. It seems confusing, but it is just new for me. It also seems that the data and UI are while separated well in the platform are intermngled with the Angular Way. What I would like to do is make base objects in js and have the UI be whatever. In my days of professionalism, McKinsey & Co hired me to learn and teach them OCX dev which was still in Beta then. They also needed a C++ course. Their strategy was to make c++ business objects and then wrap them in OCX and then use the OCX in VB for ui. That technology in 1995 is still valid today in VB and can be ported to anything using another wrapper or UI.
I would imagine doing something similar and separating the ui ux from the business objects.

iOS is supported. I’m not sure how good it is… best to use landscape whatever you do.
An older version is loaded. A new version will be uploaded next week.
Let the app load for about 30 seconds before you do anything. We will make you wait in the latest release.
Link is on the main page

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