Titles of the suttas, please

I just listened to Ajahn Mudito’s talk: https://www.youtube.com/live/O0dAwJwLCYk?feature=shared

I wouldn’t say that it was inspiring as it sounded too cliché. :grin: :grin: :grin: It simply shines a beautiful light for me to see something about my life more clearly… :lotus: :sunflower:

Anyway, that is beside the point.

Ajahn Mudito mentioned two suttas.

One is about a simile of a tree. The consequence of our sutta is where the tree is leaning towards.

The other one is about three kinds of people. One is like a stone that has something written on and ho matter what happens, what’s written is there — just like anger. The anger will never go away. The second person is like sand with the writing on it will be washed away with the waves from the sea. The last person is like water where no writing can make an imprint on.

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That might be AN3.132


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Maybe : SN45.152, SN46.39, SN55.22,

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Mendicants, suppose a tree slants, slopes, and inclines to the east. If it were cut off at the root, where would it fall?
~ SN 45.152


Thank you so much, Venerable. :pray: