to find any connection between Udraka Ramaputra, Alara Kalama, Mahavira , Buddha, and Parshvanatha

I am writing a paper for my religious studies class, and I want to find any connections between these five teachers. Can anyone help me?

The Buddha rejected the teachings of his teachers UR and AK, and also the teachings of the Jains. These rebuttals are recorded in the suttas of the Pali Canon. The reasons of rebuttal are different for the two groups. Jainism was for example more extreme in non-violence and required vegetarianism. The Buddha taught the middle way, and did not require vegetarianism. The teachings of UR and AK stopped at absorption (jhana), whereas the Buddha saw this as incomplete and continued the practice beyond jhana to include morality and insight. These latter factors led to his attaining awakening.

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It might help if you were more specific? What kinds of connections are you looking for, and what is your paper trying to address?

But these links can get you started:

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Parshvanatha’s four vows are apparently mentioned in some buddhist texts, but I don’t know if they’re in the Pali canon at all.
EDIT; Above is sourced from wikipedia. Could be propaganda? Unsure.

Yes, indeed there is a sutta in which when Jains are referred to a fourfold practice, vow or observance is mentioned.

But I don’t recall it being clear enough for a match to what the Jain tradition were the four vows of Mahavira’s predecessor … :thinking:

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