Tonight: Bhante Sujato for Sakyadhita Australia

(note the time in the photo is incorrect, it is not AEST but daylight time)


(hmmm not sure if it should be AEDT? Or do I remember the organiser is in Queensland :grimacing:? [edit] Yes, it is daylight time. UTC +11
Either way. Come along!)

Join us via Zoom* for this webinar with Bhante Sujato, a leading Buddhist scholar, author, establisher of Sutta Central and key supporter of Buddhist women and Bhikkuni ordination. Bhante has been a speaker at two Sakyadhita International conferences.

โ€˜Beyond patriarchy!โ€™ Hear his vision for women and nuns in Buddhism, the re-establishment of the Bhikkuni order, the poems of the early Buddhist nuns and more.