Topics from Ignored Users

I’ve noticed some topics from the users I’ve ignored are still appearing in my feed. I was under the impression that the system was supposed to hide both the replies and topics from ignored users.

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Yes. This has been brought up on the Discourse forum before and so far they are not planning on fixing it. :confused:

There is this plugin which purports to solve the issue, but @musiko would have to install it…


@Khemarato.bhikkhu Thank you for your thoughtful reply. :pray:

If it’s not too difficult, perhaps @musiko will find the time to install it someday!

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I for one have skipped over certain users’ comments, as I pretty much know what to expect from them. Yet, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable insulating myself from even seeing their presence here. I’ve seen people change for the better and I’ve seen people change to the point where they are moderated or suspended. I’ve even flagged a few comments over the years.

D&D has always felt like a fluid community to me and it takes a lot to get shunned. Hiding comments and topics feels like I would put myself in a filter bubble and wouldn’t give me the opportunity to know different perspectives or respond appropriately if I thought I had something valuable to say.

I’m not saying I’m against the plugin, for the right reason, perhaps I might actually choose to use it. Im very curious to know the benefits in hiding replies and topics from certain users.

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Some will see a snake when there is a rope.
Some will see a rope when there is a snake.
Some need seclusion and
Some need friendship…
and for everything there is a season.

I think it’s good to have these choices according to your needs. We are all very different. Whereas you can skip over something potentially unpleasent with little consequence, a person sensitized to a primal fear of rejection might find it excruciating to do so without personalizing the event. They may have other needs more important that addressing that at the present.

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