Translation Riches for sutta Newbies: MN2 / MA10 The taints/contaminants

Before finding Sutta Central I had no idea of the many issues around Buddhist texts and translation. SO for any newbies I thought I’d just show a current example.

MN2 (defilement, taints, contaminants) at Sutta Central has numerous translations of the Pali text available here

There are 3 authors available, and by reading each different rendering different aspects are brought out :slight_smile:

@cdpatton is a member of this forum who works on translating the Chinese language texts (Agamas rather than NIkkayas). He’s just translated and published the equivalent sutta and you can read it here
Isn’t this just wonderful!

Enjoy the riches!


Would you look at that comparison. We are living in greatest moments in suttas history. :joy: so much effort.


Beautiful translation, Charles. Words well chosen and clear. Sadhu!


Thanks for compliments. Of course, as a translator what I see are typos, typos, typos! I think most of the bugs are squashed now.