Triple Bhikkhuni ordination in Germany!

Triple Bhikkhuni ordination—manyfold joy!

Beginning of this month, on July 2nd, three Bhikkhunis have been ordained in Anenja Vihara in Southern Germany.

The monastery is now hosting five resident Bhikkhunis and a Samaneri—it seems to be a fertile ground for growing Bhikkhunis. :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :smiley:

Find here a few pictures which came to me today:

Monastics in the dana room

Guests from the US had arrived a few days earlier

Ordination candidates entering the Sima

Ordained on one side—now going to the monks’ place

The second part of the ordination takes place in the yurt

Congratulations to the fully ordained Bhikkhunis!

New Bhikkhunis with Pavattini

This has been such an amazing occasion, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be witness to that. There is now for the first time a Bhikkhuni monastery in Germany with a full Bhikkhuni Saṅgha, i.e. at least four Bhikkhunis.

The first thing they did after the ordination ceremony had finished was to recite the Patimokkha together, as it was the Uposatha day. Sure, there have been a number of visiting nuns on that day, but from now on they really can do this together every fortnight! So auspicious! :pray: :heart:


Thank you for sharing! Wonderful!

Is this also the first time in the whole of Europe?


I think so, yes. So amazing!


Beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing Ayya @sabbamitta. What an auspicious event! :pray: :pray: :pray::wheel_of_dharma:


Does this Bhikkhuni vihara belong to any Asian Theravada traditions (Thai, Sri Lanka, etc.)? They look like Thai Buddhist tradition?

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Another marvelous thing was that people would meet who had never before met in person—like you and me! :smile: :heart:

Yes, their roots are in Thailand. The head Bhikkhuni has been practicing in Thailand for a long time.


True!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :orange_heart::pray: