Try understand the Birth: Origin of Suffering


I have seen a nice explanation of the first African Monk once of how in belly already suffering start. I am looking to read more about that. Any suggestions?

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Are you after EBTs or other sources on the experience of suffering of fetuses?

Is this a question for which a specific and right answer can be expected to be found? If not, should this topic be either in Watercoler or Discussion category instead?


I don’t recall any such information in the EBTs, but there is a song of the Tibetan Buddhist yogi Milarepa (PDF version) that talks about the suffering of birth:



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This is really impressive!

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Maybe If I posted in watercooler no person will see. :joy: I changed now.

I’m looking for something that is explained in a book. Either of a Monk or deeper study of scholars of the ‘suffering’ happening in the belly. If it’s that it should say if it happens or not. @Gabriel_L

@Yasoj thanks for remembering me of that. I read once. It’s deep

I can’t speak for others, but I rarely look at the category of a post, it’s usually the title that makes me click or not.

It’s true that it is a bit surprising that there does not seem to be any EBT suttas describing, in details, the notion of ‘birth is suffering’… It would be interested to read any such explanations from later texts. Let’s see if someone more knowledgeable post such text!

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According to Buddha we have to strive to understand the origin of suffering. @Gabriel_L

So in the case of origin of suffering it’s not ignorance is the focus.

Ignorance is the focus for full enlightenment

Sure, the first noble truth’s ennobling task is exactly to fully understand (pajānāti) suffering.
Did I say or imply otherwise?

No. I was just saying. I think we tend to do the whole dependent origination in one shot in the mind. Word by word.

It is surprising given that anyone who has given birth or been around babies being born can tell you is isn’t exactly a walk in the park!

The quote above is very true :exploding_head::rofl:

Possibly, any reference to the whole process may have upset social sentiments at that time, hence the lack of any mention in the EBTs ?

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SN12.23:4.3: I say that suffering has a vital condition. And what is it? You should say: ‘Rebirth.’

I found no exceptions in my life of little rebirths. Having found no exceptions, I gave up looking for details. :thinking:

Yes, officer, the speed limit is 65. No exceptions. No excuses. :policeman: :policewoman:

Isn’t it? The milarepa songs is what you expect to be in EBT. There is the suffering Ven Angulimala felt for the woman giving birth. But I believe there must have been a sutta before. Now lost. I read there was a Buddhist Revelation style suttas. More like what will happen in future. No prediction. Maybe.

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I found this said by Buddha in suttanipata

seeing that suffering’s origin comes from birth.