Two enhancements to the SuttaPlex cards

What is a SuttaPlex card

First off, in case you don’t know, the SuttaPlex cards are what you see when you are looking at the suttas in a book. For example the first SuttaPlex card on the Dighanikaya page:

It’s chocked full of information about the sutta, including

  • Pāli name,
  • PTS reference,
  • a link to SCVoice,
  • a list of all the translations in your chosen interface language
  • a list or all other translations
  • parallels
  • a link to the root edition

And in some cases

  • a “blurb” about the sutta
  • recommendation level (in the shot above that’s the tree, indicating it’s for advanced readers)

For the techie people here, all this data is available as a JSON object using the API. For example:

What’s new?

Verse numbers

Now those “suttas” that are made up of verses contain the specific verse numbers on the sutta’s SuttaPlex card. So for example, here is Snp2.1:

We can find these verse numbers in the Snp, Vv, Pv, Thag, and Thig. The Dhammapada has included verse numbers for some time.

Annotation badge

A growing number of suttas are getting annotations (aka footnotes). You can now tell which suttas have annotations by looking for the badge on the suttaplex card:

This annotation feature is only available for those texts created using the Bilara translation software designed by the SuttaCentral team. The “:heavy_check_mark: aligned” badge indicates that you can view the Pāli along side the translation.

Ven @sabbamitta is also adding annotations to her German translations:

To actually view the annotations while reading a sutta, you need to turn that on using the “views” settings on the sutta page:

When “Tooltip on asterisk” is selected, it will look like this in the sutta:

Sidenotes will look like this on a large screen:

Thanks to Bhante @Sujato and the whole team for the constant improvements to the site!


Thank you Bhante for posting these things and making us aware of the latest developments! So many new and interesting things would just go unnoticed …

Actually, this could be phrased a little differently: I am mostly translating Bhante Sujato’s notes, rather than making my own. I find these notes very informative, also for the “normal” reader with no special scientific background. They often summarize information from elsewhere that’s sometimes not available in German language, so I find it valuable to provide some easy access to such information for German readers.

Strangely, this screenshot is visible when I quote the passage, but invisible on the actual site. While typing this I can see the picture in the preview—and am keen to see how it looks when I press the “reply” button! :eyes:

Yay, I still see it on the page! :tada:


Hey thanks for letting folks know!

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