Two things in Piṅgiya’s Song

First question. Does Buddha like suddenly appear? By telepathy.

And second this first time I see this said in a suttas about suttas.

Those who explained to me before,
I heard the Buddha’s utterance,
said “thus it was”, “thus will be”—
all that was only oral lore,
all that promoted more disputes.

What is the “thus will be”? I have to agree to what is said here. :joy:

The Pali is simply iti bhavissati, “so it will be”.

The point is that other philosophers merely speculate groundlessly about the past and future. We can guess that many sects in the Buddha’s time, as today, trafficked in prophecy.


Oh like said of others. I thought it was referring to suttas. Ok. That then I knew that kind of verse.

But what up with Buddha suddenly becoming part of the story? I thought it was a monk and a layperson talking about Buddha as if he was not there. And then suddenly Buddha voice is heard. Like the monk said.

But it’s talking about Buddha utterance it can be anyone. So like what happened to Tripitaka for example. Different traditions wrote it their way.

Okay, but that’s not what this sutta is about. It’s talking about how the Buddha dispelled his doubt.

It is certainly true, however, that the Buddha Buddhist tradition came to be filled with stories of “this is what was” and “this is what will be”.

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Ok I get it. Like for example he was saying what others falsely say Buddha is teaching ?