Typo in Milinda


there is a typo in SuttaCentral
greater than, or superior to, the Tathāgata. just, O king, as when parents anoint their



Hi Manfred, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for pointing out typos and errors, this will help to improve the site.

The most ‘interesting’ thing I found however in relation to your post is that, when clicking the link you provide, I get this:

Probably for Bhante @sujato to look into.

(Exactly the same happens with your other post.)

When I follow the link by hand and open mil 6.1.2 I can find your text.

When clicking the little gearwheel icon at the top of the page you find an option “View textual information”. If you enable this you will see numbers on the right side of the text. You can use these in order to make it clearer which passage exactly you are meaning, and it is easier for people to find it.


Dear Sabbamitta,
I thought if I provide the link, it will appear as such in the message. For some reason it gets masked. You can get it out again by right-clicking “SuttaCentral” and then copy the link location. In the future I will do as you advised.

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I believe there is nothing wrong with the link, but there is a trailing colon at the end of the link (probably ment for next paragraph) that got stuck to the link itself—it is always good to put links in a separate paragraph like this:


Oh yes, that’s probably the problem. Well spotted, I didn’t notice it.