University Course on Buddhism and Modern Psychology

Found this Princeton University course on Buddhism. It’s not EBT perse, but seems like quite a balanced “Western” approach to Buddhism and it’s relation to modern psychology. They admittedly leave out rebirth, he says reincarnation, but delves into Not Self. Should be interesting.

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Thank you for sharing.

It seems relevant to note that the course is taught by @Robert_Wright, whose book Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment is the subject of the most-discussed thread on this forum:


Woah! I will check out that book for sure!

I’m definitely not a secular Buddhist, but might be worth a read. To me, belief in rebirth has directed my practice and life many many times. I have been depressed badly in the past and belief that there is a future life and that I must do good things in this life and not give up because I’m coming back whether I like it or not if I don’t reach the goal has driven me to continue on.

It is important to the type of meditation I do also. You could just meditate to feel better, but if you know your perception of reality and insight or lack thereof will influence your future life then you might practice differently. Luckily, meditation almost always makes me feel better. Okay it always does, as long as I stay to pierce through any hindrances present.

The Tears Sutta has reminded me of all the tears we have shed in countless human existences and when I have cried, I remember that there could be so so many more tears if I don’t straighten myself out and overcome hindrances or keep myself on a good path and surrounded by good people on the path. You all here are helpful for me as dhamma friends and mentors.