Upāsikā Viveka - Death without stress: an uplifting story about the fruits of practice

Dear forum members :pray:,

I’d like to share with you a wonderful resource, a Dhamma talk and guided meditation by our beloved Upāsikā @Viveka. We invited her to offer us a teaching for our Polish EBT/Theravada group on Zoom, and we recorded it and put it online.

The topic of the talk and guided meditation is “Death without stress: an uplifting story about the fruits of practice”. Viveka said that she feels blessed that she had the opportunity to be close on the death journey of two very close people, so she can share her experience with others, so they can have potentially much more peaceful and wholesome death, when it eventually inevitably comes. The talk, guided meditation and Q&A session also touches on other dhamma topics, like progressive training, gratitude, cultivation of the mind etc.

Here is the link to the video:

I hope eventually it will also be posted to BSWA YouTube (I will write to them soon), but for now you can check it here. :slight_smile:

Bio: Upāsikā Viveka is a deeply practicing dhammacārinī, who was given her Pali name by Ajahn Brahm. She is accredited as an advanced Dhamma teacher by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. She has lived and practiced in seclusion in Southeast Australia at Khemavara Sanctuary for over 20 years, and under the 8 precepts since 2009. Khemavara is in an isolated bush location surrounded by national parks and is a sanctuary for wild animals. Viveka is a very interesting figure because even though she is a lay person, not having had the opportunity to ordain, she practices with the dedication of a nun. Before renunciation she had a professional background in psychology, specializing in Mental Health, and was instrumental in introducing and spreading the Recovery Based Movement throughout Australia.

Meeting took place on 20.01 Polish time, 21.01 Melbourne time. :slight_smile:

With metta and gratitude, thank you dear Viveka for this wonderful Dhamma. :pray:
May all beings be happy and at ease! :pray: :star2:


Thank you so much Upasika @Viveka!

I’ve been benefitting from your writings on here for years, so hearing a talk from you is such a treat! Your practical approach is deeply appreciated
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It is a gift to sit in the light of the dhamma and to take in the true expression of wisdom. Thank you, Upasika Viveka. And thank you for the meditation guidance.