Uppātasanti Gāthā against war

Ayya @akincana sent me the following and I want to share it here with you.

This is a Pali poem recited in Burma to ward of danger from war. In 1949 Sayagyi U Ba Khin recited it continously for a period of ten days, when the enemy in civil war had reached the gates of the capital.

The poem was compiled by a mok of Chiang-mai in the 15th(?) century. It invokes all the unseen powers of the universe (except the very dark ones) for protection against danger.

Chiangmai was the capital of the Lan-na Thain kingdom at that time, and held a Buddhist Council under Tiloka-Raajaa.

The text is rare.



Dear Ayya Vimala,
the Uppata-santi-gaathaa is not “of war”, it is “a protection against danger from war”, that is “against war”.

I would like to suggest a new topic for discussion, here, but I do not know how to do it. The topic:

“Can recitation of sacred scriptures really ward off dangers?”

May be @Bhante Sujato can supply a Sutta text, that will give us a scriptural reference for the discussion.

With dhamma greetings from Sister Akincana


Hello Ayya Akincana,

To start a new topic, you can just click on the blue “new topic” button in the upper right corner of the main page.

Are you looking for a sutta like DN 32? It’s considered a bit late, but I think it deals with your topic.

“There are, reverend Sir, disciples of the Gracious One in the wilderness, who are practising in remote jungle dwelling places, where there is little sound, little noise, which have a lonely atmosphere, lying hidden away from men, which are suitable for seclusion. And there are high ranking yakkhas settled there who are not pleased with the word of the Gracious One. To please them, reverend Sir, may the Gracious One learn this Āṭānāṭiya protection, for the monks’, nuns’, laymen’s, and laywomen’s guard, protection, freedom from harm, and comfortable living.”

By the way, if you put an @ before Bhante Sujato’s name, he’ll be notified that you mentioned him. Otherwise he might not see your post.


This uppatsanti gatha is in Pali in Roman script. Is it available in devnagari script?

You can use Aksharamukha to convert it into any script you like :grin:

Hello Sir :pray:
I have downloaded it, it’s very useful app.
Thank you very much :pray: