Using the Pali English dictionary

Dear All,

I am currently learing Pali to further inspire my meditation practise. I have been copying and pasting each Pali word and it’s definitions into a spreadsheet, and then importing it into Anki (a flashcard app). But I think I can automate this process to save time.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I wanted to make a script that would take all the pali words in a sutta (for example, the Aṅgulimālasutta), and the automatically search up the meanings to those words (or the component words) in the dictionary.

I’ve been using the ‘Activate Pali word lookup’ and noticed that when highlighting a Pali word, it gives an English translation. But the word that was used to look up the definition is sometimes a different form of the word than the form that was used in the sutta. For example, when i clicked on ‘luddo’, the definition for ‘ludda’ was given. When I click on lohitapāṇi, definitions were given for each ‘lohita’ and ‘pāṇi’.

My question is: How can I automatically convert the version of a Pali word found in a sutta, to the Pali word(s) that are used in the ‘Activate Pali word lookup’ function.

With metta,


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