Various updates

We have just pushed a range of updates to the main site. Most of the work in this round was due to @hongda. You probably won’t notice most of these, a lot of it is under the hood. Here is a summary:

  1. Fix bug in display of some textual data where there are multiple editions.
  2. Move Table of Contents in long texts underneath the main heading, and remove scroll effect.
  3. Add divider to suttaplex cards.
  4. Rewrite several Polymer 3 components for LitElement.
  5. Fix display bug with some Pali texts.
  6. Ensure title element for all static pages works correctly.
  7. Add Chinese localization to menu.
  8. Restore broken functionality of “little green dots” to indicate the presence of translations in chosen language.
  9. Fix broken display of language page.
  10. A few others.

All in all, we closed about 15 issues, which is about 10% of our list, so that’s a lot! The main task is the migration to LitElement, which we hope to complete in the next month or two. The next task is to revise the text pages!