Vedic & Hindu influence on Sinhalese Buddhism

That is not correct. So many Sanskrit words have been incorporated into the Sinhala language over the years.

  • For example, “nitya” is a Sanskrit word and “niyata” should be the Sinhala word. But these days “nitya” is commonly used as a Sinhala word.

Your quotation is not relevant to magga phala, it is about jhana and iddhi powers:
" Yo pana bhikkhu anupasampannassa uttarimanussadhammaṁ āroceyya bhūtasmiṁ, pācittiyan”ti.**

Your translation says that too: "‘If a monk truthfully tells a person who is not fully ordained of a superhuman quality, he commits an offense entailing confession.’”

For example, Devadatta had cultivated “superhuman qualities” or “iddhi powers” but NOT magga phala.

Anyway, the verse in DN 16 is very clear about this issue.

That’s what incorporated means. It is a Sinhala word. Is there a Hela word for Tipitaka? Tripitaka is a Sinhala word. When actual Sri Lankans are speaking in Sinhala they say Tripitaka. They also often say Dharma and Nirvana.

Please read the link I provided before you respond again. But so other people don’t have to…

A superhuman quality:
Uttarimanussadhammo nāma
absorption, release, stillness, attainment, knowledge and vision, development of the path, realization of the fruits, abandoning the defilements, a mind without hindrances, delighting in solitude.
jhānaṁ, vimokkho, samādhi, samāpatti, ñāṇadassanaṁ, maggabhāvanā, phalasacchikiriyā, kilesappahānaṁ, vinīvaraṇatā cittassa, suññāgāre abhirati.


I found the Vinaya Pitaka reference to uttarimanussadhammaṁ

Please read the background for initiating that Vinaya rule. The English translation there:

OK. I agree that magga phala are mentioned there too.

However, the point is that the Vinaya rule is about FALSELY stating such attainments.
The rule:
"‘If a monk falsely claims for himself a superhuman quality, knowledge, and vision worthy of the noble ones, saying, “This I know, this I see,” but after some time—whether questioned or not, but having committed the offense and seeking purification—should say: “Not knowing I said that I know, not seeing that I see; what I said was empty and false,” he too is expelled and excluded from the community.’”

If someone knows without doubt about the magga phala, he/she can declare. That is what DN 16 says.

For example, the Fourth Buddhist Council was attained by all Arahants. Each Arahant would have declared that attainment since no one else would not know that.

This is really off topic, but you should be corrected. Please please read the link I gave for Pc 8. It is very different from Pr 4 and is relevant to the discussion.

As well your claiming that DN 16 gives monks permission to tell their noble attainments to lay people is wrong. It is what is known as a selective reading. The Buddha’s instructions have to be read along with the Vinaya when it comes to monastics. Monks are free to make statements they believe to be true to other monks.


Your link says: Final ruling

‘If a monk truthfully tells a person who is not fully ordained of a superhuman quality, he commits an offense entailing confession.’”

Pali verse: " “Yo pana bhikkhu anupasampannassa uttarimanussadhammaṁ āroceyya bhūtasmiṁ, pācittiyan”ti.

Translation of this verse is not quite correct like the translation in my link, which was the Preliminary ruling (even though it is the same translator!) The better translation is:
“If a monk untruthfully declares a superhuman quality, he commits an offense.”

@bdhamma8 you are simply incorrect. You have confused two different rules here.

The Parajika 4 rule is about knowingly and falsely claiming superhuman attainments, resulting in expulsion.

The Pacitiya 8 rule is about truthfully declaring ones attainments to lay people, requiring confession.

The translations for both rules are correct.


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