Vegan friendly monasteries in Europe?

  1. To restore seniority status after sangadisesa, one has to have 20 other monks minimum to do a ceremony with oneself.

If it’s possible to gather them across Europe, then no issues. But usually, it’s easier for the person who needs it to travel rather than to mobilize so many other monks to gather together.

  1. There’s zoom and other video call options online, so your mother might not need to travel so often to meet you. Maybe once every 5 years or less frequent.

  2. - Offset Quotation

There’s ways to offset carbon if you’re so concerned about it. I think it is better not to limit oneself in the choice of ordination place in this manner. Now when you still have money, you can offset 100 times of one flight to have some advanced carbon credit for your ease of mind.

  1. Can pm me to ask me more on SBS. Many others here had done so.

Thanks! I would love to, but it says that your public profile is hidden, and there‘s no message button where it would usually be.

I think this is a restriction on new members

It doesn‘t seem that way, as I was able to see everyone else‘s profile. In any case, we‘ve already resolved it and are exchanging PMs.

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Sorry. I didn’t mean to lead you to this conclusion. My point was that if you are going to try and find a healthy monastery to live at, best not add (what I would consider) additional unnecessary requirements.

At Sbs monastery you can choose what to eat. But Im not sure if there will be always vegetarian food available. In Burma there is Pa Auk Monastery. There is alot monastery in theravada going vegetarian. You just have to do search online.

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SBS has website and facebook. I went to them from Aruba. Lovely place. May you ordain soon. :pray:


Hi Jonas. I used to stay regularly at Aruna Ratanagiri monastery in the north of England. Like all of the Forest Sangha monasteries, as I understand it, there is a strong emphasis on vegetarianism. However I also met a monk living there who was a strict vegan. So it is certainly possible to practise veganism as a bhikkhu in a Theravadin monastery. I’m pretty sure that many lay people who are donors would be supportive.