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Sorry, quick question. Are people into sharing vegetarian recipes? I picked up a cookbook at the International Buddhist Temple in Richmond, while I was in VLM, that contains all the recipes for a community engagement program (yes, they feed you for $10) to develop people’s experience, knowledge and abilities with vegetarian food. It’s very popular because people struggle with ways to eat healthy and satisfying vegetarian.

I remember reading that monks suffer with Frito Lay, so I was thinking maybe a developing community of foodies could help with that. Especially if the community of foodies likes to make and eat their own vegetarian food.


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This came with one of my copies of The Wonderful Dharma, Lotus Sutra, Volume XV.

(Images of the card, both front and back.)


Looks yum.

I mostly eat tofu Japanese style with grated ginger, minced green onion and ponzu, which is just soy sauce and citrus - I squeeze some lemon or lime or orange into the soy sauce, to my taste, and I put chili flakes in it as well. Usually they put bonito flakes on it, but I am not into that.

I use smooth tofu and cube the cube like a rubic’s cube, so it is tidy to pick up with chopsticks (If you’ve managed them well enough to be able to pick up cubes without squashing or cutting through them before you get them to your mouth).

This is a summer dish. Winter is agedashi tofu or yudofu. Not as simple as this one.

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I see the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in your post. What is the relevance to the topic? (I live in Vegas so curious.)

I know that there are many all-vegetarian and all-vegan restaurants here; at least 32 by last count.

What is this please?

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For those of us who grew up without being taught to prepare food in any meaningful way (no, a plastic tray in the microwave doesn’t count :wink: ), I can thoroughly recommend the wonderful Edward Espe Brown’s Tassajara Cooking. It teaches you the basics and it has some lovely recipes. If you’re a little intimidated by the kitchen, start here. There’s a version (to borrow) at Internet Archive:

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