Vegetarianism (avoidance of meat-eating) in Jātaka Tales

Forgive me if this post is similar to prior ones, however I would like to ask a question that particularly relates to the Jātaka Tales. Can anyone recall any Birth Stories where the Buddha (in previous incarnations) urged others to avoid eating meat or praised those who ate only vegetables? I have found a few, such as the Young Quail Jataka and the one about King Prabhāsa where non-killing for food or eating of fruits and plants in place of meat are mentioned. If anyone can recall one or more such stories, kindly inform me. Thank you.

Namo Buddhāya


It has a lot of results unrelated to your topic (and maybe you have already tried it), but doing a search for meat restricted to the Jatakas may be helpful:


I don’t know the answer, but I would be interested to learn!


The first Sila says not to kill.