Ven Analayo and SuttaCentral

Following on the recent news about Ven Analayo works, I was wondering…

Is Ven Analayo still involved with the Sutta Central project?
I hope he is.

It would also be great to see him on this forum; he would have so much to contribute.


He’s pretty busy doing his own thing, in case you hadn’t noticed! We’re still in contact, but he’s not actively involved.


It might not have been specifically mentioned in the recent video posted (aside from his emphais on making time for meditation practice), he now sits in meditation (in full solo retreat conditions) 5 days a week and does his academic work and teaching (and everything else he does) the remaining two days, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on the forum!


Yes, but they are, how to say… very closely related?! Good to hear you are still in contact at least :slight_smile:

Thanks for this Linda, there is so much one can fit in 2 days, that’s true!


That’s really awesome. I hope he continues that ratio indefinitely. If you really want to know what a person is about, what they believe, what they have truly have conviction in, don’t listen to what they say or what they write. Observe what they do. That’s “skin in the game”. And ultimately that’s the best way to spread the important ideas.


This must vary occasionally. He is teaching retreats for two weeks in Australia in August (I’m only aware of this because I am booked into the second week) and I believe he also teaches at the IMS in Barre MA.


yes, but he makes up for it with doing a few month-long retreats each year!


Sadhu … wow!


@Gillian Hope you have a great retreat with him in August


Bhante Analayo is one of the most impressive monks I’ve ever met, not only as a scholar but as a practitioner, just in my short time with him I could tell he was a real practitioner, not just a scholar monk, and his advice to me on my own path was invaluable.

he is on the very short list of monastics I try to live up to on my own path, at least the practitioner end of him, I doubt I’ll be much of a scholar, not to that extent anyway.

From what I could tell speaking with him, and those who know him, it appears to me that he truly has reached the point where he basically does scholarly work(he has hundreds of books under his belt in multiple languages) , or meditates, he does little to no public speaking or retreats(only a couple a year), and doesn’t appear to concern himself overmuch with worldly affairs.

If you can spend some time with him, I highly recommend it.