Ven analayo guided meditation

from Agama Research Group:
a set of guided instructions by ven Analayo on mindfulness of breathing is now available for free download at:

These accompany a new practice guide on mindfulness of breathing that is due for publication at the end of this year (info on Windhorse Publications website).


Thanks. That’s very nice (out well before the book too)! I’ve found Analayo’s EBT-oriented meditation approach useful (even if I don’t necessarily agree with every single conclusion he leaps to). I enjoyed his satipatthana practice guide book (with similar set of audios) last year. A similar one on anapanasati should be nice too. @SCMatt gave an interesting link previously to a summary of Analayo’s anapanasati approach (link here).


I only wish he had made a comment on how the instructions are ordered, as they are…

He usually uses a fairly sequential approach in such guided meditations: a later stage will first have a quick run through of the earlier steps in order before then spending most of the time on that stage. Haven’t gone through all the audios but I’d assume the order is as in the 16 steps of the sutta itself.

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Thanks so much for sharing! :anjal:

But where’s the one on metta? :cry:


@Mat, yes as @ suaimhneas says, the order is as the steps in the sutta
@ aminah, always nice to see your name pop up to see you’re still around on the site :grinning: (though actually I rarely am these days)
oh yes, one on metta would be lovely but I don’t know if there is an audio recording avaialable somewhere on that by him; if i hear of one I will post it.



Oh, I’m not remotely interested in loveliness, I just want a glimpse of his technical insight into metta cultivation; an entirely hard-nosed concern! :grin:

In a way, I’m not even joking; on the few occasions I’ve heard him fleetingly discuss metta I’ve really resonated with what he’s had to say and would so appreciate a slightly fuller exploration of metta practice from him. Ooooh, alright, it would be super lovely, too! If only we lived in such a time when audio recording devices were widely available. :wistful_daydreaming_face: :wink:


@Aminah :grin:

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The book “Mindfulness of Breathing: A Practice Guide and Translations” is out now (actually was released a while back in late September). Am making my way through it myself at the moment. It’s a very good read so far. The early chapters lay out Analayo’s anapanasati method in detail going through the tetrads, while the later chapters delve into EBT parallels of various suttas, which are relevant to breathing meditation.