Venerable Sujato on kindle

Hey friends I have the Venerable’s book on authenticity (kindle edition) and loving it but wanted to point out a problem. Words often run together, and when I looked it up it was stated it’s a problem with publisher not kindle. Here’s a pic

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Where did you get the book from?


Can’t remember I believe a link was giving to me as a recommendation

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Well, since it was created by some unknown person it will be hard to troubleshoot.

If you upload the file I can try to take a look.

In the mean time, can you say if the problem exists if the text size is smaller? Are you able to turn your device on its side so the area for lines is longer?

It probably IS because I have the print almost on the highest setting, I’m visually impaired

Well, if you would like help with it, you are going to have to share more information, like the file itself. If it is an epub, you may be able to drag and drop it into a message, or click on the upload button.

Epub software is especially idiosyncratic. You may have better luck with a different reader app. I find Moon Reader to be good.